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Monday, June 27, 2016

Something I'm thinking about as I read chapter four is the mismatch between school literacy practices and those students enact on their own. The book cites a study showing the discrepancy in students reading print material for school and digitally for everything else. I read a more recent study that discussed this discrepancy in writing practices as well. That study showed students did not see a correlation between writing for school assignments and writing for personal purposes. The chapter reinforces that concept by claiming that students interviewed did not see the reading they did digitally as real reading. I wonder if the students don't consider this real reading because it is what the authors call "short form" versus the "long form" reading we need them to do in an academic setting. So far this text spends a lot of time noticing, but not really suggesting any instructional practices. I'd like to know how to move students from  "short form" reading to stronger comprehension of complex, lengthy reading. I'm hoping the text will soon offer ideas.

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