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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Reading/writing connection

As I'm beginning to read this text, I'm thinking about how it will apply to my instruction of college writing. I've found that reading instruction is an important part of teaching first year composition. Although I encourage my students to print out assigned articles and annotate to improve their comprehension of complex material, I often feel guilty about the expense, and waste, of printing so much material. I'm hoping that this book will offer suggestions for achieving better reading comprehension of digital texts. I haven't been able to offer my students advice on reading digitally, so at this early point that is what I'm reading for.

I'm also curious about the digital composing my students do. Will this text offer methods of teaching that make digital writing/multimodal texts more readable? These are my thoughts as I begin the book.


  1. Hi Laura.
    I am excited to read this book with you.
    I read chapter one and am SO EXCITED about Crocodoc for the same reasons you feel bad about having the students print out, oftentimes, quite lengthy articles and required texts.
    This promises to be a helpful tool.
    Thanks for your post.

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